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Considering the speed at which technology progresses, its trends tend to follow the identical pace! Animation and motion graphic trends are dynamically changing with the advancement achieved over the amount of time. Achievements within the 3D technology particularly are opening a wondrous window of opportunities that were once deemed impossible to attain.

Similarly, 2D animation is advancing inside its regime to assist designers to reach milestones and set new records. 2019, so far, has shown a mix of the 2D and 3D trend, delivery a totally innovative solution to animation and designing.

You can currently create a lot of complicated visuals by the mixture of the two and use them during a fluid motion to form a more concrete and realistic output.

Motion graphics, in 2019, has allowed you to exit of the traditional box and visualize even your creative person imagination. Among the highest trends of 2019, the ever-changing dynamics of 3D and 2D animation has strong the animators to attain vital milestones.

The motion graphic trends are currently leading the sector of technology alongside the popular culture movement. They're creating their approach into numerous fields in 2019 that wasn’t conceivable before.
In this article, we’ll be discussing the highest trends of animation and motion graphics that are gaining attention in 2019. Let’s have a glance at them.

Combining 2D and 3D Graphics

This idea is proving to be a helpful one since 2017 however it's intense in 2019 and creating outstanding success in enhancing the storytelling expertise. The 2D animation studios are currently integrating 3D graphics to make a lot of realistic images and testing new approaches to attain higher graphics.
The examples are currently visible in some high-profile commercials and films. This good combination of two has given the marketers a less expensive choice to get appealing graphics designed from the artistic agency and improvise their campaign.

Booming Visual Effects Capability

With the building audience appreciation for science-fiction and superhero-led movies, the worth and wish for visual effects are increasing. From coming up with complicated characters to digitally making surreal scenes, the motion graphic designers are currently functioning on extremely advanced visual effects.
There’s rarely something that you simply cannot create digitally any longer. Even the commercials in 2019 are currently using VFX and became in style.

Liquid Motion for smooth designing

2D animation studios and artistic agencies are currently using liquid motion to develop smooth transitions and form transformations to make a lot of compelling look and appealing visuals.
Liquid motion adds a lot of organic feel to the design and allows a clean transition and movement to allow a more seamless movement of the visuals on screen. This has actually exaggerated the ability level of the digital taking part in the field.

Pastel Palettes Aren’t Out of Fashion however

Pastel colors are in trend for a couple of years currently. Their significance, however, seems to extend with time. 2019 has seen the utilization of pastel palettes in making a lot of powerful and dense images to convey numerous impacts.
Motion graphic designers within the artistic agency are using these colors in movements to boost the consequences and look of the visuals.
Colorful palettes will build your storytelling more prestigious and facilitate your set the precise mood you wish to integrate. Pastel colors still build a positive impression on the user and are highly in trend.

Retro designs are back

Retro motion is creating a comeback and also the designers are making a brave move of mixing it with visual effects to make a more appealing and increased outcome. They're combining the previous designs with newer options and gaining quality with this experiment. Their tries are met with a positive response from the audience.
This has compelled the designers in artistic agencies to utilize this mix of previous with a contemporary bit to succeed in dead set the targeted audience during a lot of compelling manners.

Morphing in Digital designing

The artistic agencies have begun to indulge in techniques that assemble multiple ideas and transition them from one to a different to create morphing graphics.

The transition of one form to a different or swift transformation of images is a lot of participating to appear because the viewer tries to scan the message before it changes into the next.

Morphing graphics has become rather fortunate to transfer the message with a lot of effectiveness. You can specify a lot of in less time while not losing the eye of the audience. This approach is wide welcome by the businesses and therefore the audience and has become a vital part of animation and motion graphic trends.

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