Blogger Published Posts Not Showing up on My Blog

Blogger Published Posts Not Showing up on My Blog

Ever considered propelling your very own blog? Ever pondered the stuff, not exclusively to fire up that blog, yet in addition to effectively manufacture it after some time to profit on the web or produce an easy revenue? Unmistakably, you're not the only one. A great many individuals take a stab at blogging, yet so few very produce a considerable salary from their endeavors. 

Be that as it may, in case you're beginning a blog for the reasons for profiting, and you're not really energetic about writing in any case, at that point you're to a great extent squandering your time. The craft of blogging isn't just logical or equation based. Without a profound situated energy for your art, you'll face a tide of disappointment and upset. 

Why? While it's generally direct to start a blog, it's a great endeavor to create any similarity to traffic and benefit from your strenuous endeavors. You need laser-center and ingenuity to construct a crowd of people or achieve mass immersion with your writing. It requires some investment and it takes long and drawn out nights consuming the famous 12 PM oil. 

Take it from me. As a blogger who's manufactured a considerable stage with countless month to month guests, I can relax in the warm gleam of progress. In any case, I can't lounge around for a really long time getting a charge out of the opportunity and automated revenue that my blog has made. Without always including voracious substance, any blog can vanish.

But most common issue come when our submitted post not showing up on my Blog URL

For example: I have submitted 14th post on my blogspot but after click view blog we see only partial post like as 10 or may be less.  

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Number of Post Not Showing up on Blog's Main Page.

In this blog we will solve this issue step by step:

1. Login your blogger.

login blogspot

2. Go to your blogger editor.

3. Open your blogger post one by one.

4. Go to end of 1st paragraph of your open blog post.

5. Click on page break option.

page break in blogger and update

6. And then click on publish 

page break in blogger and update

7. These steps do continue on all submitted post.

After it you should go to layout setting in your blogger.

1. Go to blog post section and click on edit icon.

layout setting in blogspot

2.  Open new window and set post number which show on main page and save it.

show main page blog post

3. Go to view blog and now you see your problem have been fix. 

4. Your all submitted post will be show on your blog

This blog is helpful for your problem. Apply these steps on your blog and get solution. in this blog all question will be mentions..