Compress PDF Online: How to Compress PDF File to Smaller Size

How to Compress PDF File to Smaller Size

A few days ago I was trying to upload a PDF file on my client website, and the size of the file was more than 1 MB, but due to the restriction of less than 1 Mb size on the website, I was unable to upload PDF file. Then I realized that this problem is specific and needed to be shared amongst your people. So I decided to write an article to show you how you can compress the large size PDF file without losing the quality.
Let us see in detail how you can reduce the size of the PDF file. So let’s start. You can Use these 4 Image Compress Websites:
AdobeAcrobat Pro
Methods to Compress PDF Files Size
There are two methods using which you can compress the PDF file easily. These are
•       Offline Converter
In the offline method, you can install PDF software to compress the PDFs
•       Online Converter
In this method, you can upload your PDF files and let the website do it for you.
Both methods have some advantages and disadvantages which we will cover at the end of the article. Before that, I am going to show you three cool websites that let you compress the PDF files online. So let us explore three of them one by one.
Before describing three online PDF converters in detail, I would like to let you know that there are many websites you can find online but according to me three websites which I will discuss with you works the best.
OK, so let me share with you the details one by one.
Most Popular Free Compress PDF File Size Online Tools in 2020
I really like this website the only downside about this website is that being a free service it actually limits your compression up to document having 200 pages or the size of 100 MB and also three tasks per hour. So, if you fit into these conditions, you can use this service free of charge. It doesn’t even cost you anything after you have completed the conversion and download your document.
The most important reason why I like this compressor because it actually lets you customize your preferences. If your document has loads of images, you can select the compression quality such as image quality, image resolution (PPI), and Image conversion and compression speed.
So in this way you can use this PDF compressor to reduce the size of the PDF files. One more specialty about this software is that your file remains private and it gets automatically deleted from the server after 5 hours.
But still, I would suggest you should not upload your confidential documents such as credit card number, social number, pin or password. Please don’t upload that even if they say the file stays private because your security is in your hands.
The next one I would like to discuss with you is PDFcompressor(dot)com. What I like about this PDF compressor is that it actually lets you to download and upload your PDF files in bulk. That means if you have more than one document to compress, you can actually upload them together and you can actually download them together as well.
The downside of this website is that it does not let you customize. It is actually good in conversion, and it can compress a file easily, but it doesn’t let you to customize. So if you have loads of PDF files, then you can opt for PDFCompressor.
The next one is smallPDF(dot)com. It is actually a great website but would not let you to customize, but it is easy to use. All the conversion is done on the server, and also it is secure as they say. They also remove the PDF files within an hour. So it is safe, and it is integrated with DropBox and Google Drive account.
If you have PDF document on your computer, then select it to upload to compress the file and then compare the results with both the documents. You will see the size of the downloaded file is reduced as compared to file which was uploaded for compression.
So, this concludes the online conversion part and now let’s talk about the offline conversion method. If you are worried about uploading your confidential document online for online conversion and if you do not trust these websites, then you can do the offline conversion using 
Advantages of Online Conversion
1. Online conversion is done in the cloud that is on the server.
2. Your computer will not consume any memory, and it will keep running faster.
3. These websites are easy to use, and you can customize them easily.
4. These online converters also have an offline converter, but these are a trial version. 
Adobe Acrobat actually lets you to compress your document offline with their built-in setting. The only thing is that it is not free. Most people use adobe reader which does not have this feature, but if you have an urgent need, then you can download the trial version and have work on the document till the trial expire.
The three websites discussed above for online conversion also have the offline converters which you can download on your desktop and can use it to compress PDF locally. But I would not recommend you to use it because those converters are on trial versions, they will come up with ads, and when the trial expires, they will ask you for charges. If you do not have frequent needs and you require converting documents once a while then go to these websites and do the conversion online.

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