Is Multi-Cloud Backup the Right Approach?

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Is Multi-Cloud Backup the Right Approach?

 In today’s rapidly evolving world, there are a lot cloud computing options and one of them is multi-cloud. It can prove to be a good strategy for the protection of your data as long as it is good for your business and it makes business sense to move to it.

Although cloud itselfis very secure and reliable, having a single cloud and relying on it is a bit risky. This is where the concept of Multi-Cloud comes in. Backup for disaster recovery is necessary to save your data from Disasters. 

What to Look for Before Going for a Vendor?

Before jumping into getting a cloud vendor to deploy your hybrid cloud, its best to look at some of the considerations to help you decide what is the best option for your business. 

- Security. The cloud should be very much secure as all your mission critical data would be on it so it’s not ideal to put it in a cloud which is not fully secure.

- Retention. The service should have retention capabilities of your legacy systems and applications.

- Compatibility. It should be easily compatible with other cloud vendors so that if a fail over happens it can shift to the other cloud vendor’s cloud.

- Attractive financial packages.

- Easy maintenance option. Maintenance can be a hassle if it is done manually by the company, having it done by the vendor or automatically makes it a lot easier for the company to manage its data.

- Testing. There should be an option to test the services and offerings like data recovery before it is implemented to the company’s data.

- Great after sales customer services.

- Compliance. It should industry compliant to the related industry of the company.

- Reviews from previous customers of the said vendor.

All of the above are very important considerations but the most important of them all is, security. There is no point in going for a cloud vendor who does not offer ultimate security for your data and applications. It simply defeats the purpose of having a multi cloud as it, in no way can be beneficial for your company.

Now the Question Still Remains…

Is it Worth Having a Multi-Cloud Backup?

The answer in one word is; yes. Even if we negate the many advantages of this approach, one cannot deny that it is more secure and reliable. But, it also totally depends on your business. For example, if you have a small business there is no need of moving to the multi-cloud, instead it’s better to save that money and invest in something later into the future. 

As for business who are expanding and have complex big data then it’s good to have a peace of mind that your data will not be hacked from inside or outside the company, and even if it does for some reason, there are some cloud vendors who offer backup solutions for your data who ensure fast recovery in case of data loss due to whatever reason, whether it may be a ransomware attack or a human error or etc. Like Veeam Backup to Azure or StoneFly DR365V.


A multi-cloud strategy is a great approach for the complexity of your data and only if it makes business sense to go for one. It can provide peace of mind and a long term support for your company or business.

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