What Happens in a Mobile App Development Company?

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The mobile avatar of Call of Duty became the first mobile app to hit over a hundred million downloads in the first week of its launch. The gaming apps such as ‘Fortnite’ and PUBG or Players Unkown Battle Grounds lost this place to Call of duty in the second week of October 2019. Have you ever wondered how these kinds of wonderful things happen? How you get your chores done with a few clicks? Well to answer, all of that miracle happens in a mobile app development company.

What is a Mobile App Development Company?

Softwares are a set of instructions that are given to a computer to work the task at hand through their processors. Father of computers, Charles Babbage is believed to be the father of software development too as he built the analytical engine. But, the Turing Machine, developed by Alan Turing, helped the Allies to end the Second World War two years earlier laid the basis for academic diversion of study of a computer into two different disciplines of computer science and software engineering. 

Mobile applications are also similar to making software for a computer. Their development involves the coding of a set of functions and procedures in a form of software for the purpose of making them feasible for small and mobile devices like tablets, smartwatches, and smartphones. A traditional web application has a whole set of powerful CPU at its disposal to do its bid. In the case of mobile applications, they have to work as per the power of the processor of the small device. 

So, they are designed to perform a specific function to take advantage of a particular capability or characteristic of the mobile phone. For example, you may find remote devices that could tell your pulse rate, heartbeat, blood pressure, calories intake depending upon the quality of sensors that a device has. It computes the data collected by the device’s sensor. 

Apple store has 2 million apps on its store whereas android users may utilize 2.6 million apps. For any app to work on an Apple smartphone, one needs to download it from the Apple app store because these devices only support coding specifically made for Apple devices. You might have observed that some smartphones come with some inbuilt apps that you can’t de-install. But, you might not know what a user wants and what app could solve his problem. To avoid this every mobile app development company is focusing on making applications that are not processor or device sensitive. This is done by generating a generic code base. 

Apps are Designed on Basis of Research and Market Needs

Doing market research has become one of the most important factors for organizations whether they are building mobile applications or doing any other kind of business in the market. The first step involves understanding the situation of the market.

When you are analyzing a market, it gives you proper information regarding the changes or progress you need to involve or make into your strategies. In case of mobile applications, companies prefer to look for a similar kind of competitors who have launched mobile applications in the same industry and how well they are performing.

That is why market research is a crucial and initial process every single mobile application development company performing.

What Kind of Mobile App is There on Your Smartphone?

Initially, applications were not developed to work on different operating systems. Each device had to maintain its own mobile app development software with an exclusive set of coding that could only be identified with its operating system.

In starting, mobile app development companies started to design apps for the classic keypad mobile phones. Later on the multimedia mobile phones arrived in the market. At that time, some colorful mobile applications were observed first time in the mobile phones having small screen sizes. 

The major change came when the iPhone was launched by Apple having multiple applications, digital keyboard, a browser to access internet. According to experts, it was the beginning of new age for the mobile application industry.

In modern times, apps are developed in commonly used programming languages like C#, Javascript, C++, Kotlin, etc. that could be easily identified and processed by distinct operating systems. This helps developers to generate a generic code for Apple iOS, Android that is used by most of the users, and any other web app. 

What are Progressive Web Applications?

You might have observed that YouTube could be accessed on any device whether it is android or iOS. Similarly, a dialogue box pops up when you visit a website about accessing that through mobile version. This is because they are a Progressive Web Application(PWAs)

This means that it is a website that behaves like an application. It is specifically designed to work as an application. The users need not visit and download them from app store separately. You may find these PWAs on Google. They can work on multiple and different operating systems. 

Progressive mobile applications are more authentic, assured and engaging for the people. These applications are generally adaptive to various screen resolutions of the smartphones. It doesn’t harm the user experience. Progressive mobile applications will continue to perform well in the upcoming future smartphones due to their responsive design.

Some of the PWA Mobile Applications offer the functionality to operate them even without internet connectivity. It makes them. When it comes to security, the Progressive mobile applications are much improved as compared to the traditional apps just because they are followed via HTTPS connection.


Mobile applications are constantly getting improved day by day to provide the best user experience. Mobile applications have made everything so simple and easy for the customers. The mobile app development companies are still trying to make things more easy for us in the future.

Every mobile app development company wants to enhance the user experience through their avant-garde innovations. Still, there are miles to go!

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