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Hello guys, start your blog and get 3500 visitors in a week to follow these 6 step content marketing tips. It's excellent steps through which you can drive website traffic and rank the top 10 on Google easily.

There are 6 Steps Content Marketing Tips to Drive Visitors in 2020:

Tip 1: Post Title
Tip 2: Introduction
Tip 3: Headings Optimization (H1 – H6)
Tip 4:  Internal & External Linking
Tip 5: Blog Conclusion
Tip 6:  Message everyone you link out to

Tip 1: Post Title:

Always write a catchy, Fresh and unique headline of your blog post.
Writing a blog post with a stale headline not going to work out.

Tip 2: Introduction:

Just give them a quick overview of what you're gonna discuss in the blog.
Hook people with a bold statement introduction.
An introduction should cover all the points that your post contains.

Tip 3: Headings Optimization (H1 – H6):

The body of your blog should contain subheadings. Keep in mind, you want your content easy to  understand by your readers.
If people can't get what you write, you're not doing it well. Use subheadings, and your paragraphs should be five to six lines max.

Tip 4:  Internal & External Linking:

Mentioning the link in the blog helps the website to get a link from the other website, it's about linking to other sites.

Tip 5: Blog Conclusion:

Always wrap your blog post with a conclusion, it summarizes your post in a short & ends your  conclusion with the question.
Ending with the question, more people are more likely to leave a comment. And comments create engagement, then you're much more likely to generate sales.

Tip 6:  Message everyone you link out to:

When you mention the link in your blog post, send an mail to them that you are mentioning them & admiring there work & ask them to share a blog if they like it.

Final Words:

Share this blog and watch video to drive visitors on blog post or website. Give a comment in comment section for more content marketing strategy.