Optimize Your Google AdWords Campaign & Increase Ads Quality Score

There are 4 tips to optimize your Google AdWords campaign with easy and simple steps.  Spend less and earn more. Increase google Adwords campaign quality score and get more conversions, CTR, etc.  Follow these 4 points to save spending money on PPC.

1. Keywords
2. Ads
3. LandingPage
4. Tracking


A keyword is the most critical targeting factors in a search campaign. Choose the keywords which your ideal customers are likely to search for.

There are Some Tactics that You can Use. 

  • Pruning
  • Fishing
  • Replanting

  • Pruning

In pruning, we delete the unprofitable keywords from the list that is not generating the conversions. You can get the details by going to your AdWords account click on the keyword tab & then on search terms this will show you the exact searched keyword phrases
  • Fishing

This to find the new keywords that will generate the profit to your campaign. Finding new keywords with Google AdWords Search terms & add the well-performing
  • Replanting

Optimize your top-performing keywords while limiting your budget To make a separate campaign with the high performing keywords.

* More control of your budget.
* More accurate reporting.
* High-quality scores.

2. Ads

Ad copy is an excellent place to optimize your AdWords campaign,To make a separate campaign with the high performing keywords. 

Few Ways to Optimize Your Ads.
  • Split Testing

Always run at least 2 ads so that you can compare them and the outcome which ad type is doing the best.
  • Offer

A weak ad offer can  sink your ad campaign. Great offer always attract the customers

Here are 5 Different Types of Offers that You Could Make.

* Free demo
* Special discount
* No-risk guarantee
* Free gifts
* Free information
  • Extensions

Google recently started including ad extensions as part of your Quality Score

5 Main Types of Extension.

* Call extensions 
* Location extensions
* Sitelinks extensions
* Callouts extensions
* Structured snippets extensions 
* Review extensions

Other Factors

Other areas of your ad copy that should be audited include your headline, display URL, and description.

3. Landing Pages

Optimizing your ad targeting  & ad copy will be nothing if your landing page is not set up and optimized to convert this traffic into leads & sales.

A Checklist You can Use to Evaluate a Key Area of Your Landing Pages

* The Headline
* Benefit-Focused Content
* Your Unique Selling Proposition
* Your Offer
* Social Proof 
* Credibility indicators
* Call to action 

4. Tracking

With the help of tracking, you can determine how well is your Adwords campaign is performing. AdWords tracking is set up properly in your account make sure! Webform conversion tracking Shopping cart conversion tracking Website call tracking Call extension tracking Offline sales import conversion 


Follow these ways to optimize your ad campaign and increase ads quality score. It's save advertiser money and earn more on PPC.


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